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Method of payment

Payment order

In the online store KOMPLEKTS.LV, depending on the payment method and the type of goods, you can pay by credit card online or choose another method - get an account (for prepayment) that will be sent to the e-mail address you specified, thus, You have the opportunity to pay it in any bank / Internet bank (at the discretion of the client), operators will start processing the order only when the order amount has been transferred to the account SIA "KOMPLEKTS.LV". Prepayment is not required if a valid cooperation agreement was concluded between SIA "KOMPLEKTS.LV" and a legal entity.

When the funds for the purchase have been received on the account SIA "KOMPLEKTS.LV", it is considered as the day of receipt of money. The item is prepared for delivery and is transferred to the courier only after payment of the invoice - prepayment. The account is considered paid when the money is transferred to the bank account SIA "KOMPLEKTS.LV". In order to expedite execution of the order by the method of transfer between banks, (especially if there are different banks from the seller and the buyer), the buyer can send an extract from the bank - a payment order (in these cases only the informative status takes place). The cost of delivery of the order is determined in accordance with our rates and is indicated in the confirmation of the order and the invoice. The cost of delivery of the order in case of return of the goods is not returned.

All prices in the online store are indicated including VAT in the amount of 21%, except for certain groups of goods where only 0% VAT (reverse VAT) is applied to legal entities only. Applications are valid during the period indicated in paragraph. The buyer, when making an order, confirms the distance contract and the cost of the goods, including the cost of delivery, if any, for the product chosen by him.
The buyer pays extra charges for the delivery of the goods, if a fee is charged for a specific delivery method. The Buyer confirms the DISTANCE CONTRACT, agreeing to pay the specified and current shipping costs, if any, for a specific delivery method. The buyer is obliged to cover the expenses of KOMPLEKTS.LV for unsuccessful delivery, if the goods were not delivered due to the fault of the buyer (not being in the specified place / time delay), as well as the costs of re-delivery, if such condition was agreed in advance.

Delivery prices vary, prices for the specified goods are valid only in the conditions of payment indicated in the prepayment account since the moment of conclusion of the DISTANCE CONTRACT. If the client makes a payment after the expiration of the payment by prepayment, the issued price may be invalid.