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Distance Contract

Distance Contract

 Making an order in the online store "KOMPLEKTS.LV", you hereby agree that you have read the "Distance Contract" and the content of this agreement is acceptable for you. Having issued an order, you have concluded a remote contract with KOMPLEKTS.LV, which imposes obligations and obligations on both sides!

This agreement is concluded between KOMPLEKTS.LV LLC, the owner of the online store KOMPLEKTS.LV (hereinafter referred to as KOMPLEKTS.LV), the unified registration number 40203160147, and the Buyer making the purchase at KOMPLEKTS.LV. The Distance Contract applies to all orders and purchases issued in KOMPLEKTS.LV.

1. General rules for the order of goods.

1.1. By this contract, KOMPLEKTS.LV undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the buyer on the Internet trading site KOMPLEKTS.LV, and the buyer agrees to accept and pay the cost of the ordered goods, depending on the chosen method of delivery.

1.2. Within the framework of this Distance Contract, the order of goods is carried out only with the support of the online store KOMPLEKTS.LV, filling in all required fields and pressing the button "Order". The order of the goods in KOMPLEKTS.LV is considered to be an offer of the buyer to the supplier to enter into this Distance Contract, which stipulates the delivery of the ordered goods and the buyer's consent to purchase the ordered goods at the specified price. If the order is correctly issued, a message will appear that the order has been accepted.

1.3. After the purchase is completed, the buyer will receive an order confirmation on the e-mail address. The receipt by the buyer of "automatic order confirmation KOMPLEKTS.LV" means that KOMPLEKTS.LV accepted the buyer's offer, for its part has joined this Distance Contract, and this Distance Contract between the buyer and KOMPLEKTS.LV is considered concluded.

1.4. All prices for goods on the website of the online store KOMPLEKTS.LV are indicated, including VAT 21%. The price of the goods and the cost of delivery are indicated in the invoice.

1.5 Before placing an order, we reserve the right to display the PAYMENT ACCOUNT, especially to new customers, in full or in part, even though the PAYMENT ON-SITE option has been selected.
We accept payment by transfer to a bank account, as well as bank payment cards.

2. Ways and cost of delivery of the order.

2.1. The online store KOMPLEKTS.LV provides delivery of the order in three ways: 1) courier delivery, 2) courier delivery; 3) receipt of goods at personal appearance in the office of KOMPLEKTS.LV. Conditions and the cost of delivery differ depending on the delivery method chosen by the buyer.

3. The term of the order.

3.1. Within the city of Riga - within 1 - 5 working days from the date of confirmation of the order, if there is a product in the warehouse.

3.2. Within the territory of Latvia - within 2-10 working days from the date of receipt of money to the bank account.

3.2. For goods that are not in stock, the lead time for the order is 1 week to 3 weeks.

4. Impossibility of delivery of goods.

In the event that the goods in the manufacturer's warehouse are over: 1) the buyer is immediately warned by a telephone call to the phone number specified by the customer. In this case, the buyer is refunded the full amount, if he has chosen the payment method "transfer" and payment is made, or at the buyer's option an equivalent product at the equivalent price will be offered.

5. The order of refusal, return and exchange of goods.

5.1.1. Right of refusal - return of goods within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase.

5.1.2. Each buyer can use the right of refusal and return the goods within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. The use of this right is governed by the rules approved by the CM.

Patērētāju tiesību aizsardzības likums (links uz likumi.lv) LAW on consumer protection (link to likumi.lv).

Note about the Distance Contract (link to likumi.lv).

5.1.3. In order for the right of refusal to be effective, the buyer of the goods must comply with the following conditions:
Check, but do not start using the purchased product. Do not open the packaging of video, audio, computer or software of any other products. Keep and do not spoil the original packaging of the goods. Keep and do not spoil the complete set of goods.

5.1.4. The buyer can not use the right of refusal in cases provided for under Art. 22 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 255 "Rules on the remote contract", dated May 20, 2014, including, if:

• the goods are manufactured according to the instructions of the buyer or they are unambiguously personalized;
• the goods quickly deteriorate or the expiry date of the product expires soon;
• The consumer has opened the packaging of a product that can not be returned for health and hygiene reasons, such as an electric toothbrush, depilatory, electric shaver, a beard / hair clipper, an electric hair clipper, earbuds, and other similar products character, if a package of these goods is opened and / or a security seal is damaged;
• the goods due to their properties after delivery will irreversibly shift to other things;
• The consumer required the seller or service provider to appear and conduct urgent repairs or maintenance work. If the seller or service provider, when entering a customer, provides an additional service or supplies goods that are not necessary spare parts for repair or maintenance work, the right of refusal is applied relative to the above additional services or goods;
• The consumer has opened a package of audio recordings or video recordings, or computer programs;
• The contract is concluded for the supply of digital content that is not supplied on a permanent data carrier if the delivery of digital content is commenced with a clearly expressed consent of the consumer and confirmation of the denial of the right of refusal.

5.1.2. For all cases of refusal, the buyer is obliged to notify in writing to e-mail: veikals@komplekts.lv, necessarily calling the order number, name and surname for which the order was placed.

5.2.1. Procedure for return of goods:
It is necessary to fill out and sign the denial (return) form, see DOWNLOADS - VEIDLAPA.

The goods should be delivered or sent to the address KOMPLEKTS.LV.

5.2.2. After receiving a return shipment of the goods within 30 days, the buyer will be credited to the buyer's personal account indicated on the return form.

5.2.3. When goods are returned, the transport risk is borne by the buyer.

5.3. The consumer has the right to demand from the manufacturer, seller or service provider that the goods or services do not correspond to the provisions of the contract within two years from the date of purchase of the goods or receipt of the service.

6. Warranty.
The online store KOMPLEKTS.LV provides all products with a manufacturer's guarantee. The guarantee is valid only upon presentation of a receipt for payment of the invoice issued by KOMPLEKTS.LV, if the goods were purchased by transfer, or by an ECA check if the goods were purchased in cash. The warranty does not apply if the defect in the goods was caused by improper use, maintenance or wear. If you have any questions or ambiguities, please write to the customer service at: veikals@komplekts.lv

7. For more information on the remote contract and the right of refusal, the Buyer can find the following website: WWW.PTAC.GOV.LV


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