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Warranty conditions


1. All products purchased by KOMPLEKTS.LV are warranted by the manufacturer.

2. The warranty period specified by the manufacturer for goods is different - from one month to two years, and may differ depending on the components - constituent parts. The standard warranty period for the consumer (physical person) is 2 years, and for legal entities from 6 months to 1 year.

3. Information about the warranty period for a specific product is contained in the description of the warranty card or in the instruction.

4. The right of warranty repair is valid if the product was used for its intended purpose, and only for domestic use.

5. For legal entities other than the Consumer, only a limited warranty period established by the manufacturer is granted.

6. We inform you that the manufacturer's warranty is valid if the buyer can produce:

  • Confirming the purchase of payment documents as an invoice (fully paid), or a cash receipt; warranty card of the manufacturer or distributor (in case the manufacturer or distributor included it in the delivery package);
  • information on the certified service centers of the manufacturer can be found in our list of SERVICE CENTERS, or the manufacturer's or dealer's warranty card, by calling the manufacturer's representative office, as well as finding contacts on the packaging, or by writing to our operator by e-mail: veikals@komplekts.lv.


7. We inform you that warranty conditions do not apply to "integral" parts of the product and accessories, - batteries (batteries), accessories such as toner cartridges, headsets, microphones. The warranty is valid only for integral parts (without which it is impossible to buy the goods) and, in special cases, is limited or expanded from the manufacturers.

8. The manufacturer's warranty obligations become invalid if the purchased product has shortcomings due to the fault of the buyer or user, this is:

  • the damage was caused by the fact that the product was not used in accordance with its usage instructions that the storage of the product was not observed properly when the product was not installed in accordance with the instructions;
  • if it is ascertained that the manufacturer's control seal has been violated, the serial number, penetration into the product (opening of the product) that did not comply with the instructions occurred, or the buyer himself attempted to repair the damage;
  • on the product there are mechanical damages caused by actions due to the fault of the customer;
  • the product was not used for its intended purpose and was not operated according to the rules specified in the instructions;
  • scratched, broken structures, cracked screen, flooded with unsuitable places, improperly handled, penetration of foreign objects and insects into the product, or any other evidence indicating misuse of the product;
  • if the damage is due to the failure (fluctuation) of the supply voltage, telecommunications, cable networks to the standards established by the manufacturer, due to rapid temperature fluctuations and due to other household and external factors such as soot, smoke, dust, humidity, shocks, scratches ;
  • if the product has traces of repair, for example, as a result of an attempt to repair the buyer or a third party;
  • in case of natural wear and tear;
  • if the product used non-standard power sources, accessories and spare parts, and consumables (for example, toner cartridges, etc.) not certified by the manufacturer for use with the said product, and if this caused damage to this product;
  • the warranty does not apply to additional replaceable items like batteries, headphone covers, safety devices, and care and storage products.
  • if the goods were used by the buyer for industrial or professional purposes (except if the goods are not intended for such purposes);
  • the guarantee does not apply if the damage is caused by improper transportation of the goods;
  • pirated or inadequate software, such as for computer equipment and smartphones, regular maintenance, software updates and operating systems are not performed (refers to the goods that are needed).


9. In case of damage to the product, the buyer has the following options:

  • will contact the service center indicated on the manufacturer or representative's warranty card (only having a paid invoice or receipt from the purchase, and a warranty card), - the fastest method recommended by us is to eliminate the defect of the product under warranty;
  • if the product has only the brand guarantee SIA "KOMPLEKTS.LV" (absence of service centers in the lists), you can contact the address: Matisa street, 78A, Riga, on working days from 9:00 to 18:00 (with proof of purchase of the document and guarantee coupon).